I was always impressed by the ripples of android L. They are such an elegant way of signaling that a touch corresponded with an input. They also had some kind of magic to them, you couldn't really make out why they were moving the way they were moving.

I saw the ripple effect recreated in various Codepens and on the Google sites themselves but they were always different from the way they are on android.

The magical thing about the android ripples is that they transition from the pointer to the edges of the element they are highlighting. They don't spread in all directions equally as fast – they spread faster towards corners further away from the pointer.

Android ripple

Spreads according to pointer position in parent

Try clicking and holding down the mouse to see the difference
Lame ripple

Spreads independently of pointer position

The plugin also gives you a ton of options to customize the ripples. If you want to, you can even trigger them manually. Or have videos as their background. Or Have multiple at the same time. The possibilites…